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Kit Kat: First Massage Billboard

There is an ever lasting battle for agencies and brands to create the next big billboard, not just in awards speak, but because Adshells/Billboards are being reinvented every day, with custom installations and technology being baked in be media owners and agencies alike.

Mercedes takes its “design a car” utility to millennials on Instagram

For car manufacturers, one of the most popular sales tools is the “design your own car” utility, which is typically found on the brand’s website. For the launch of the new Mercedes-Benz GLA, Mercedes wanted to target high income millennials who live on social media so decided to bring the “design your own car” utility to them via Instagram.

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The Thomas Beale Cipher

Based on a true legend of the famous unsolved code.

The film contains 16 hidden messages that hold clues to the characters’ secrets. Eight are fairly easy requiring only a close eye. Six are moderately difficult using various encryption methods. Two are extremely difficult requiring a genius mind to decrypt.

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