The Thomas Beale Cipher

Based on a true legend of the famous unsolved code.

The film contains 16 hidden messages that hold clues to the characters’ secrets. Eight are fairly easy requiring only a close eye. Six are moderately difficult using various encryption methods. Two are extremely difficult requiring a genius mind to decrypt.

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Syn Emergence by RICH BEVAN

Syn Emergence is a project which examines my own associative relationships between sound, form and space.

The project is constructed according to a range of specific sonic and spatial scale rule sets (micro, component, meso and macro) which I designed as part of a cross-disciplinary notation/cartographic system.


The film was conceived as part of my Masters at the Bartlett School of Architecture (Unit 15).

Official Selection : : Terrain 09 Adventures in Motion 2009/10
sound design: posthuman
holding track: philip glass – symphony 3 movt 3